We Process Beef, Lamb & Pork

National Cattle Works is a USDA inspected facility specializing in beef processing and slaughter. We operate using a HACCP Plan that has been validated and certified by the USDA. Animals are handled by employees using a USDA certified Humane Handling Program.

A USDA FSIS Inspector is present to inspect all proceedings from slaughter to processing. We dry age carcasses, allowing the meat to become both more tender and more flavorful. Carcasses are processed and packaged by our expert team using our Customer Cut Sheet.

Our Cut Sheets allow customers to tailor how their carcasses are cut; giving them control over the amounts of steaks, roasts, and ground products they take home. All customer products are packaged in vacuum sealed bags and labeled with our USDA certified label. Custom labeling is available upon request. Customers can sell their products in a retail capacity due to our USDA Certification.

National Cattle Works is committed to providing a wholesome product to our customers, and has provided an inspected facility to fulfill this process.

Federally Inspected USDA Facility #47747

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